Waste Audits

Through our comprehensive waste audits, we’re able to identify areas of opportunity and concern whether it’s related to services, costs, compliance, contractual, communication as well as other inefficiencies that we typically uncover during our audits.

These audits are free. There are no costs for this service and there is no obligation for your company to accept any offer made after the audit. Essentially there is zero risk for your company to have our team provide an audit.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, our consulting services will provide you the same thorough results. Once evaluated, our team will help show your staff how we can improve your current collection and disposal practices and establish a more efficient and economical process.

Waste Analysis and Evaluations

Our waste experts will provide both an internal and external audit of your current waste and recycling services.

External Waste Evaluation:

• Current services
• Overall usage
• Frequency, costs
• Contractual obligation
• Your compliance with State and local mandates.

In addition, we will research any current or historical service, billing, and communication issues. Our team will use that information to determine how and where we can improve services, costs, communication and ensure compliance.

Internal Waste Evaluation:

• Any waste & recycling being generated on site for efficiencies
• The condition of your containers
• Logistical issues
• Potential on-site safety issues

Once completed, our team will prepare an audit report with our findings as well as our “EcoVida” solution for your company moving forward.

Since our audits are NO COST / NO OBLIGATION, why say no now when you can see the results and decide after. Many current customers were very surprised when they received the results!