Our Company

EcoVida Waste is a family-owned waste management company. It has always been important for EcoVida to bring a “fresh” approach to an industry that tends to “stink”. We have a diverse customer base throughout the United States, who have benefited from our unique approach to waste management and recycling services.

EcoVida’s continuing mission is to passionately understand, advocate and protect our customers successfully in all aspects of the waste industry. We have helped large organizations, franchisees, multi-location businesses, and even small local businesses save millions in unnecessary costs when disposing of trash and recycling.

We are dedicated to assisting our customers back into the driver’s seat when it comes to control over their waste management costs. We will do this in an efficient and honorable manner while establishing any improvements long term. Our goal is to maintain a great relationship with our customers, to always understand their needs, and work hard to help them navigate a very unforgiving industry.

As a company, we want to create opportunities for businesses to get real value out of their service providers. With our comprehensive three-step audit of your waste accounts, we help identify simple yet effective changes that will result in a greener, more compliant, more efficient, and cost-effective way to manage your waste long term.