Compactors & Balers

For any business who generates a large amount of trash and recycling materials, compactors can be a great logistical option. Depending on what material you generate and how much you generate, we can evaluate your business to see if a compactor is the right option for you.

VIP Compactors

These are front load packers that are perfect for smaller areas or enclosures that won’t fit larger compactor equipment. If you are maxed out on service days with your current dumpsters and still can’t make it work, this may be a great option for you. By packing your trash in our VIP packer, you can eliminate many service days and have trucks to be on site less often while still getting the amount of service necessary to remove all your waste and/or recycling.

Stationary Compactors

These compactors are used when generating a large amount of trash and/or large items that are being disposed of. This equipment is also typically used for primarily dry trash. Many manufacturing and industrial companies will have these compactors on site giving them up to 90 or more yards of trash with each dump and return of the receiver box.

Self-Contained Compactors

These compactors are for similar use as the stationary compactors, but the one difference is these are used more for wet waste. You will see these at Malls and Grocery stores that generated a lot of wet food waste. These compactors are sealed so that during the hauling process, they do not leak the liquid out on your property or on the roadways.

Vertical Balers

Balers are primarily used for recycled materials that are being collected and sold to the commodity markets. Whether its cardboard, shrink wrap, plastic containers, tin or even aluminum, if you generate a large amount of any of these commodities, the most efficient way to handle that material is to bale it. In most cases, baled recycled material yields the best overall rebates in the commodity market.