Contract Renegotiation

The waste industry is “littered” with abusive companies who punish their customers for their loyalty. This industry is also famous for one-sided contracts that benefit the hauler, yet leaving their customers exposed. If your company is working with a large national vendor for trash and recycling, then it’s likely that you are currently under an auto-renewing contract.

Many of those contracts DO NOT include any type of rate protection for you. Typically, this leads to large increases in your costs over the course of your contract and into future terms as well.

EcoVida Waste successfully renegotiates these ugly contracts every single day; replacing them with win/win agreements that include protection for service, as well as long-term controlled pricing. Once we replace your service contract, you are no longer locked into any hauler; therefore, if service becomes an issue down the road, we simply replace the vendor for you.

Don’t allow your vendor to hold all the cards. Contact us now and let our team of skilled negotiators, help mitigate your exposure and negotiate mutually beneficial agreements that will hold your vendor accountable and protect “you”, our client.