Waste Disposal Invoice Auditing

The biggest surprise our clients find with the services we provide is the amount of billing errors, overcharges and price increases we identify with our invoice audit. We carefully analyze the current billing as well as past billing and compare it to the agreed upon charges, fees, surcharges, and price increases in your contract. This audit in several cases has resulted in a credit or a refund.

As part of our on-going management, we have all vendor bills sent to our office and they are reviewed monthly as they are received. No longer will it be your problem to deal with.

Historically, more than 50% of vendor invoices in this industry are generated with at least one mistake. Our promise to you, our customer, is to ensure you will never be overcharged for anything that wasn’t agreed to on day one.

Instead of using your company resources to manage the account for large national vendors, our experienced staff reviews each one for mistakes, errors, and overbilling. Any issues that arise are handled between our office and the vendor directly allowing you to free up your accounting staff to work on more important things.