Surcharges & Fees

Ancillary Fees

Today, trash companies inundate you with fees on your invoices. Even when they “guarantee” rate protection, only the “base rates” are fixed. What they don’t tell you is that you’re still exposed to countless unnecessary fees which are nothing more than a way to continue to guarantee your rates (so you sign) yet continue to price increase you anyway. In addition, new fees seem to appear regularly with very little or no explanation. These fees can factor in as much as 50% of your overall costs.

  • Fuel fee
  • Environmental fee
  • Regulatory fee
  • Recycling material offset fee
  • Non-compliance fee
  • Zero-Waste fee
  • Container maintenance fee
  • Lock fee
  • Administration fee
  • Franchise fee
  • Relocation fee
  • Exchange fee

With EcoVida, you will NEVER pay these fees once we re-negotiate your costs for you. We consider these fees to be unnecessary, abusive, and extremely mis-leading. Our number one responsibility is to protect our clients from this growing strategy among trash haulers looking to lock you into long-term contracts and then build up your fees.

With EcoVida, you will always be provided controlled long-term pricing, with protection from excessive and abusive fees and price increases.

OveragesOverage Surcharges

Another trend many companies are jumping on is over-charging for excessive yardage on pick up days. You may see it on your bill under “overage” or “extra yards”. These surcharges (essentially fines) are in place when the container lids do not close. If any trash or cardboard exceeds the top of the container that will not allow the lids to close, many companies are now surcharging your bill up to as much as $250 PER INCIDENT. Not only is this quite unconventional, but it’s also extremely abusive.

EcoVida approaches these surcharges a couple ways. If it’s happening regularly, we will likely propose a service increase so we can get your service levels to match the volume of material you are generating on site. If it’s a one-off situation, rest assured that we have negotiated much more reasonable rates in the event this scenario arises.

Contamination Surcharges

As with overage charges, companies are pushing back hard on the quality of your recycling but assessing large surcharges for any restricted material that may be in your recycling stream.

We understand that the chain of custody of your recycling may fall with many people at your facility. We can successfully assist your company to eliminate these surcharges altogether through our training and on-site laminated signage. Ensuring your staff understands where to put what material is vital to surcharge avoidance.