Pallet Recycling

Currently over 60% of the US pallet industry comes from new solid wood utilized to make pallets. That means only 40% of pallets used in the past year were recovered from used pallets for reuse and recycling. Even pallets that are broken can at least be recycled.

Manufacturers, distributors, and other large companies that generate extra pallets should consider selling those pallets to EcoVida. 100% of the pallets we collect, or purchase are either repaired for reuse, used for parts for other pallets to be repaired, or are recycled.

With EcoVida, we will find a home for your pallet inventory not only allowing valuable space on site to be freed up, get paid for these pallets that otherwise would cost you to dispose of, and improve your waste diversion by reuse or recycled into a compost mix. Pallets are heavy and can have a large impact on landfill avoidance ratios.

Do you generate large amounts of pallets at your facility? Call us today to find out how we can “pay you per pallet” and put money back into your budget.

Depending on the logistics, we typically will pick up standard 48” X 40” pallets in quantities of 30 or more. Odd size and/or broken pallets can also be included and will be reused or recycled as well. Generating 30 pallets or more regularly? Call now and get set up!