Michael McQuade – Director of Business Operations

With over 24 years of industry experience, Mike has a deep understanding of the overall waste and recycling needs of all types of businesses. Whether it’s basic trash service, comprehensive recycling, or compactor and baler needs, there is no one more capable to put you on the pathway of long-term solutions logistically or economically than Mike.

He has worked in many different areas of the United States during his career. He got his start in the Baltimore market area with BFI back in the late 90’s. He spent time working the industry in the Mid-West, West Coast, as well as many different markets on the East Coast. This provided Mike with a unique understanding of so many changing variables all over the US that are necessary to help understand clients and their needs throughout the country including recycling goals, handle logistical challenges, as well as reducing and restructuring trash costs long term.

Mike is a single father of three boys. He is a former NCAA national diver from Montclair State University. Mike dove at both the amateur and professional levels throughout the United States in springboard diving and high diving for over 16 years and most recently dove at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas for a world record mass dive off the cliffs at Hell’s Gate.