Organics Recycling

Organics RecyclingOrganic waste recycling is an exciting new way to minimize your environmental impact & divert a large portion of your waste from landfills. EcoVida currently provides organic recycling throughout the U.S.


Essentially, organic waste is anything that was created from plants or animals and is non-hazardous and biodegradable. This includes food waste and scraps, tea bags, coffee beans etc. (Depending on where you are located, additional items such as wood, landscaping debris, paper products both waxed & non-waxed, file folders, newspaper, tissues, etc. can be included as well)
Once the organic waste is collected from your business, it is used at local farms or taken to a local facility where it is turned into fuel pellets (Biomass – a clean renewable source of energy).
Allow our experienced team to identify organic material in your stream and implement a program that will reduce your landfill usage and keep you compliant with these new mandates.

EcoVida Waste may be able to help you add Organics to your services at “NO COST” to you!

How can we do this?

We can perform a comprehensive waste audit on your current trash and recycling services to determine where we can save you money on your current costs, improve your services (if needed), and implement organic recycling into your current costs. This could result into much lower or even zero out of pocket costs for organics. Be sure to print and place this signage (hyperlink) on all your corresponding organic containers, to follow the Do’s and Don’ts of Organic Waste Recycling. You can also watch the short video below for help on how to easily follow the program to ensure a successful implementation. Our team offers on-site training to assist your staff in implementing an efficient program in your current operations.

Organics Recycling in Action

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