Baled Material

Is your business generating a large amount of specific recycled material like cardboard, paper, plastics, tin, or aluminum?

Many businesses generate a fair amount of cardboard, and most others generate a lot. If you are generating enough cardboard to bale it, then we can buy it direct from you.

Although cardboard and other recycled materials have value to them, that value typically gets lost in transportation fees. Never allow logistical issues to cost you from realizing the market upside in commodity value from the materials your company generates.

EcoVida can install a compactor or baler at your facility and train your staff so you can begin to take advantage of any recovered materials by packing or baling them. Once installed, we will set you up on a route to have them picked up as frequently as you need. This will allow you to maximize a rebate for this commodity and likely further improve your overall waste diversion.